Bakers Victory Nite

Bakers Victory Nite

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At "Father Baker's," we strive to continue the legacy of our saintly founder by providing individuals and families in need with love and shelter, giving them hope for the future.

To that end, Baker Victory Services has adopted agency values that seeks to bring peace to lives often filled with conflict, and healing where there are scars., BVS seeks to provide the highest level of care through Teamwork, Adaptability, Accountability, Respect, and Integrity to all clients and staff.

Father Baker built a beautiful shrine in 1926 as a glorious tribute to his patroness, Our Lady of Victory. To this day, the magnificent basilica attracts visitors worldwide as a place of breathtaking beauty and peace. Likewise, it is our hope that Baker Victory Services can provide clients, staff and the community with a refuge of peace and understanding.

May Jesus bless you and Our Lady of Victory watch over you.