The Healing Hydration Complex

The Stem Cell Cannabinoid - CBG

CBG is known as the ‘Stem Cell’ of Cannabinoids.  Incredibly transformative, this plant compound helps renew and replace damaged skin cells.  Soothes inflammation + provides next level healing and repair.


The Everlasting Flower - Immortelle

Immortelle is known as the ‘Everlasting Flower.’  This ageless, golden flower has unparalleled regenerative + protective properties to reboot + preserve the youthful vitality in skin.  Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Soothes inflammation.


The Miracle Tree - Moringa

Moringa is known as the ‘Miracle Tree.’ Renowned for being nature’s multivitamin, this supergreen plant oil renews skin cells at lightning speed.  Antioxidant rich + anti-inflammatory.


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