It all started one post-college night around a coffee table, where three sisters sat around catching up: a fashion buyer, a history teacher, and a chef.  There, at the close of a day spent navigating the open shores of their lives, they felt cozy and playful at home.  No one would argue that each girl was different; in fact, some questioned how such different girls could be sisters, with one waking extra early with a cup of green tea and sliced lemon to get a head start on the day, another barely catching the T with last night’s adventures ringing in her head. 
But those who knew one thing understood the common thread between these unique girls – style – and one always knows it when one sees it.  Each sister believed that style is articulated through accessories - this was the territory that dominated their sites for expression.  It is the space of play and variation, where one can change a modest daylight outfit into something gleaming and exciting at night.  In short, accessories allow you to cross borders.  The quaint history teacher by day might reveal another side of herself tucked quietly away until she drapes a sparkling, dramatic necklace across her neck. 
As the night was opened up by the yawning light of dawn, the Fashion Buyer had laid out her mission: for Modern Luxuri, handbags, scarves, make-up, jewelry, (the seemingly lightweight asides) would carry all the weight.  A simple scarf could be a game-changer, transforming the entire mood of a look; a hint of red across the lips finished with a dash of gloss can turn a mundane encounter romantic.  These were the keys, these small embellishments, that make up one’s unique, unrepeatable sense of style.  The girls know that each woman is as unique as they and want to give all women the tools to express themselves; Modern Luxuri allows each and every woman to pull together that unique, playful combination of things that make them exactly who they are, at exactly the moment they want.

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