Raw Coconut Cream - 2.5Oz

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Raw Coconut Cream - 2.5Oz
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What it is: The RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream removes makeup and easily moisturizes the whole body without the nasties. 

What it does: The Raw coconut Cream nourishes skin, hair and lashes. Helps soothe sunburns. 

How to use: Apply a minimal amount and work cream gently into the skin. Remove with a soft cloth. An easy way to moisturize the skin. Use as a body moisturizer to soften dry elbows, knees, shoulders – anywhere you have skin! Allow coconut oil to absorb before dressing. Doubles as a bath oil. Also works as a deodorant, simply apply to clean, dry underarms. Excellent as a hair treatment and can even be taken internally.

MSRP: $18.00

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