null provides a revolutionary Zero Fee online venue to raise money for organizations, individuals, causes, and events worldwide. is a Zero Fee web-enabled program designed to help facilitate and create awareness for fundraising of all sorts, all without the limitations of traditional fundraising services and their excessive fees. charges no fees and takes no commission or profit of any kind on any transaction. All of the functionality and support is donated entirely by the Advantage Co of Williamsville, NY. The only possible charge would be a third party fee that AmEx, Visa, Master Card, Venmo, PayPal, or BitCoin might impose for their role in processing the transaction.

In addition to providing a Zero Fee venue for direct online contributions, also provides participants access to our iWorldFundraising Online Marketplace – where the entire profit from donor purchases goes directly to their fundraising effort. Manufacturers and retailers are encouraged to provide their goods and services through the iWorldFundraising Online Marketplace at their wholesale cost and to provide the handling and delivery of the donor purchases, while the entire retail profit goes directly to the designated recipient. does not, under any circumstances, retain any of the profit or any of the revenue collected. It is a Zero Fee facilitation by

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Supporting worthwhile causes is the Advantage Co’s top priority with their Zero Fee fundraising concept. The inspiration for their concept which includes the iWorld Marketplace was from the proverb: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime. By creating and supporting a venue such as, the Advantage Co enables organizations and individuals with a remarkable and sustainable cost-free resource to raise funds forever – which is well beyond the impact of a mere donation. is the complete e-commerce solution for an event, organization, or individual’s fundraising efforts. The days of dangerously selling products like Girl Scout Cookies door to door are over. There is no longer a need for anyone to handle cash contributions, especially children. All transactions are online and fully accounted for with full transparency. provides fundraisers with full access to all of our resources. This is truly a unique fundraising opportunity. All that’s necessary from the organization or individual is to promote direct access to for their fundraising activities. There is no cost to join, and there is never any fee.