null provides a revolutionary Zero Fee online venue to raise money for organizations, individuals, causes, and events. is a Zero Fee web-enabled program designed to help facilitate and create awareness for fundraising of all sorts, all without the limitations of traditional fundraising services and their excessive fees. Unlike fundraising services such as GoFundMe [who charge an 8% service fee], charges no fees and takes no commission or profit of any kind on any transaction. All of the functionality and support is donated entirely by the Advantage Co of Williamsville, NY. The only possible charge would be a third party fee that AmEx, Visa, Master Card, Venmo, PayPal, or BitCoin might impose for their role in processing the transaction.

Most fundraising sites charge 5% to 10% in fees just to use their site. iWorldFundraising charges $0 for registration and utilization of our platform. By charging no site-use fees, iWorldFundraising guarantees you get the most money from every donation.

When a donation is made, the payment processor deducts their cost from the donation total. For example, if someone donates $100, the payment processor will take 3% [which results in a $3.00 fee]. Other fundraising sites will charge an additional 5% to 10% just to use their platform. iWorld Fundraising helps your fundraising efforts by charging no site fees.