Zero Fee Ticketing provides a revolutionary Zero Fee online venue to raise money for organizations, individuals, causes, and events. Our Zero Fee web-enabled program is designed to help facilitate and create awareness for fundraising of all sorts, all without the limitations of traditional fundraising services and their excessive fees.

iWorldFundraising also offers a zero fee ticketing platform through our online marketplace. Organized events are some of the best ways to raise awareness and funds for your cause, and bring people together for a common goal. iWorldFundraising is here to help. No matter what type of event your organization is planning - from sporting events, private parties and luncheons, to festivals, conferences and more - iWorldFundraising can make the ticketing process that much easier for you.

Unlike ticketing services such as EventBrite [who charges a 2 - 5% service fee], charges no fees and takes no commission or profit of any kind on any ticket transaction.

Most online ticketing platforms charge fees just to use their site. iWorldFundraising charges $0 for registration and utilization of our platform. By charging no site-use fees, iWorldFundraising guarantees you get the most money from every ticket sale. The only possible charge would be a third party fee [typically around 3%] that AmEx, Visa, Master Card, Venmo, PayPal, or BitCoin might impose for their role in processing the transaction. Other ticketing sites will charge an additional 2% to 5% just to use their platform. iWorld Fundraising helps your fundraising efforts by charging no site fees.

There is no limitation on how many tickets you can sell or how many events you can create. Plus, you’ll gain access to our iWorldFundraising Design Team to help you create world class marketing materials for your event.